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Pontypridd RFC have always been a successful club but in the years 1975 to 1982 Ponty were never out of the top four clubs in Wales.  The club did enjoy even greater success when the new League structure and Welsh Cup came to Wales, and were amongst the top three clubs in Wales since 1991.  With the advent of "pretend" regional rugby all looked rosy and Ponty were all set to become part of the strongest team in Wales and possibly Europe, having combined with Bridgend to form the Celtic Warriors.  Indeed, in their first season the "Warriors" even managed to beat European champions of 2004 - Wasps!  But the dream that we'd somehow survive in a professional age was short-lived as Ponty went bust and had their half share in the Celtic Warriors bought by backer Leighton Samuels who subsequently gave them to the WRU.  Incredibly and against public opinion CEO David Moffett closed them down, put rugby back 20 years in Wales, forcing many life long rugby fans to desert the game forever and in effect forced the "Warriors" players to take up contracts with the other inferior teams left in Wales.  As the WRU moved towards it's ultimate aim - the erosion of a passionate culture in our beloved country, an M4 corridor 4-team Wales and the inevitable destruction of Welsh rugby we wonder what next?  Ponty stays a premiership club of course, but with the club resigned to being a feeder club to C**diff we must assume we will never win anything ever again, as all good players we produce will take the A470 south to the big city with it's shining lights and loose women, thus ensuring Ponty never develops into a great team ever again.  But we'll see... and will never give up hope.  Perhaps David Moffett will die in some freak yachting accident and the WRU will be taken over by someone who understands the Welsh psyche and the Celtic Warriors will rise again.  Until then we can expect the worst!

Club Record

Founded: 1876
Champions: 1963, 1976, 1978, 1979, 1997
Welsh Cup Winners: 1996, 2002
Champions Challenge Cup: 1997
WRU Challenge Cup: 1998
European Cup Quarter-finalists: 1999
Heineken Cup Group Runners-Up: 1995, 2004
Premier Division Runners-Up: 1999
Parker Pen Shield Semi-finalists: 2003
Parker Pen Shield Finalists: 2002

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